The Center lends help in heart of Hollywood

With dreams of a better life, Gennaro Simeone moved in 2007 from Massachusetts to Hollywood, California. But within two months, Simeone found himself homeless and unsure what to do next. 

As he has a cup of coffee at the very place that helped him turn his life around, The Center at Blessed Sacrament, he’s able to reflect on all the changes over the past 10 years. He has a job, he’s going to school to be a film director and he’s gained two homes — his apartment and The Center.

“Some choices that I thought were good, they were not,” Simeone said. “I was in a bit of a pickle. I came over here and got some resources. They showed me how to pull myself up with my own bootstraps.”

Simeone hasn’t needed The Center’s housing services in years, but he keeps coming back for coffee, the friendships and to be an example to others needing help.

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